Monday, January 5, 2009

Homunculi and haircuts

January 5, 2009

Panel 1: AH! It’s Howdy-Doody again! Somehow he has managed to free himself from the bonds of inanimate slavery to lurk silently at the periphery of Mark’s home. Kind of creepy if you ask me.

Panel 2: And speaking of creepy, I’m going to praise the Jackelrod Sphere for its clever juxtaposition of imagery and text here. I know it looks like the owl is asking his wingtip when he (Mark) will be getting home, but I’m pretty sure it’s the Howdy-Doody homunculus asking Cherry (Mark’s wife). The Jackelrod Sphere could have accompanied this with a picture of the homunculus holding a pipe and Cherry plucking her eyebrows, but instead it has an owl (the airline) swooping down on a mouse (Mark), preparing to bring it on home. At home, of course, is Mrs. Owl (Cherry), waiting to tear the mouse (Mark) into tiny, bloody shreds if he doesn’t notice her new ‘do.

Panel 3: Which brings us to Panel 3. Cherry hopes that Mark notices that she has changed her hair again. Consider a recent history of Cherry’s hair:

March 8, 2008
Parted on the left, wavy bangs.

June 9, 2008
Parted on the left, straight bangs.

September 13, 2008
Parted on the left, straight bangs.

January 5, 2008
Parted on the right, wavy bangs.

Now, as we all know, Mark is an asexual androgyne with the cold, plastic pudenda of a Ken doll. His interest in Cherry, as far as I can tell, extends only so far as she serves as a useful “beard” in the straight-laced paradise of Lost Forest, where the Cold War still rages, where real women keep the house, and where real men drink gin and eat rare steaks prepared by their dutiful wives. So, with that in mind, will Mark notice that Cherry moved her part and put a wave in her bangs? I doubt it.

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