Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Little Pony

January 14, 2009

Panel 1: Why do Mark and Cherry have the NCAA Final Four bracket structure decorating the wall in their dining room? And why is Howdy Doody silently holding a plate of boiled potatoes? Is this all a dream, cause it’s kind of freaking me out now.

Panel 2: Dude, just ride Andy, ok? I mean, look at the size of that dog’s head in the first panel! If the rest of him is comparably sized, you could saddle him up with room to spare for a cooler full of Zima…or whatever it is you androgynous types drink.

Panel 3: Having blurted his pro forma acknowledgment of Cherry’s rocking new ‘do, Mark settles back in his saddle to contemplate the question little girls have asked themselves for centuries, “Do I want a tail set or a tail brace for my pony?”

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